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Hello all,

I am working on an interactive plant for one of my projects (something like this) , and for aesthetics reasons, I chose to use exposed copper wires to connect NeoPixel LEDs (and some muscle wires).

This is the one that I chose (mine are 20 gauge though)

All the wires will be contained inside a 3D printed plastic container, so no one will be able to touch the wires.

The wires won't be touching the Arduino and I will have proper wires (these) connecting to the UNO.

My questions are:
Are these wires ok for the project? Are these other things I should be worried about when working with exposed wires?

Is it even possible to work with exposed wires?

Thank you for the help!


ofcourse you can work with exposed wires as long as you make sure they do not tuch any other metal objects or other wires. Also it will not be unsafe as long as you make sure they are not directly connected to mains (a common error is to connect gnd to mains gnd when using cheap power supplies)

But there are also copper wires that have a thin layer of transparent insulation, maybe they are better for your project (The insulation will melt when soldering). The same sort as used for transformers and coils


Thank you, I will look into insulated wires :D.

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