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Now I starting my FYP project which is using GPS technology to help in tracking the position of dementia people at the outdoor and guide them back to their living place. Now I am confuse by choosing which GPS receiver/ transmitter? I would like to have real-time tracking purpose for the system. Hope someone can help. Thanks.



I suspect you may find it tricky to get an accurate fix inside and around buildings and so on whichever system you use, but other than that I don't see that it matters which type you choose. You'll just have to strike a balance between price/size/power/speed/reliability/accuracy.

A more interesting problem, I would have thought, was what are you going to do with the information. Is your objective to enable somebody else to find the patient, or somehow guide the patient directly? Given that the patient (presumably) suffers from dementia, it may not be reasonable to expect them to follow directions. Of course, if they can follow instructions then all you need to give them is a commercial GPS system pre-programmed with their 'home' location so they can follow the route home.

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