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CB4Arduino (aka CodeDuino) has been updated to release 1.2.0 stable. CB4Arduino installs as a tool in the standard Arduino IDE, and is lauched from within the Tools Menu. Refer to CB4Arduino: New Graphic Plug-in for the Arduino IDE. An Ardublock Improved tool for installation instructions.

CodeDuino is targeted to the new users as is an algorithmic abstraction of the IDE's commands and functions, so users only need to focus on the logic of the sketch and can avoid the syntax headaches that mostly frustate a newbie when introducing the Arduino World.

You can visit the cb4arduino forum to see and get an increasing number of examples developed with this tool.

In order to get full access to the PRO blocks, you will need to register as a beta-tester with a real email address.

Support for more included libraries and hardware, almost full native arduino functions support, new class, object and methods support, and more in this update.

Working now on interrupts and watchdog functions; also in localization improvements.

Do not hesitate to aks any dubt or suggestion.

You can download last release form here.


Good Day,

I have downloaded your app, and created the directories exactly as per your instructions.

However, while my Ardublock shows in the Menu, CodeBricksTool does not.

Could you please assist?

It seems like you have made some good improvements that I would like to try.

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