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I am a boatowner/electronics dude having issues with my IS20 simrad navigation instruments.

I was wondering if the following hardware would be suitable to build an emulator to get a display that could show one predefined value on the NMEA2000 bus that is in fact a CAN bus.

I want to display wind speed on an OLED display using an Arduino uno with this 3 euro can bus controller.

Can Bus SPI MCP2515 CAN-Transceiver TJA1050 für Arduino Prototyping
( ebay item 172472393754 )

Anybody could tell me if this would be possible ?

There is a very long thread about and arduino shield but I cannot see anymore where they are going...

I just want a simple display connected to my current bus of dying instruments...

Pedro (sailing a hanse 350 on the North Sea)



the search dropped out this one right away:




Please check "NMEA 2000 shield"-list.

If you know NMEA2000 protocol, you can do it with Arduino Uno. If not, then it would be easiest to use my "NMEA 2000 library" (https://github.com/ttlappalainen/NMEA2000), which actually almost passes NMEA 2000 certification tests. But this fits by dropping features away just and just to Uno, but there is no room for writing code for display handling. So I prefer to go at least Mega. Due would be better with MCP2562 bus tranceiver. I personally prefer Teensy 3.2 also with MCP2562.

But please use "NMEA 2000 shield"-list.

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