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I have managed somehow, with the help of this amazing Arduino support forum to merge two totally different custom boards which are very different, into one file in the 3rd party custom board installation process.

This includes creating a common board.txt and platform.txt file considering the fact that both of the custom boards use different compiler and tools. So I just wanted to help others in future if they have this crazy idea of merging it into one apart from doing the conventional and easy way of having a different file altogether. It took me about a week to understand and solve the problems I was facing and if there was say any blog or Documentation per say maybe it would have been done in fewer days.

So keeping that in mind I wanted to document everything I did and post it online for someone to benefit from it. Does Arduino forum provide anything like that? Or any other sites which I post. I'm open to any suggestions so please feel free to comment down anything you like or thing might be suitable.


You could post it here on the forum. Another option would be to post it on the Arduino Project Hub:

I think it would be helpful if you added a link in the post to the files you produced as they could provide a good reference to go along with your description of the process.


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