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is it possible to add color to IDE sketch code ?  Change the IDE background? Font style and size?


I've attempted to document all the theme configuration options here:

You will also find a few other configuration options at File > Preferences and the file at the link following File > Preferences > More preferences can be edited directly in the file.



Check out NOTEPAD ++. It's free!


I second the NOTEPAD++ recommendation. Been using it as a front end for the Arduino IDE for years. Works great!

Search the forum for hints re how to make it kick off the Arduino compiler on your .ino file currented being edited in N++, etc.


I use the Geany editor and I have written a short Python program to compile and upload my programs using the command-line Arduino IDE. The Python code can be called from within Geany or can be used standalone.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.

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