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I'm trying to work with spi ethernet shields.
I need to connect my device with computer and to send 48 data bits per 100uS to PC! It's very high... I decided to try with ethernet..
So i have both w5100 and enc28j60. There is a good sketch for w5100 (udpSendRecieve). I think udp is a good idea to make such a large baude?
But w5100 has to much pins. And it will be very difficult to copy that shield scheme to my device. So i heva 2 questions:)

1) is it posibble to have that speed with that controller in udp mode? (about 1-2 mbit per sec)
2) is there simular code for enc28J60?

Thanks a lot!


I don't know if it will work at your speeds, but for more on the older interface....


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