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Deutsch / SIM800L - Network Error 601
Last post by uk1408 - Today at 11:52 am

mal wieder eine Frage:
Ich frage mein SIM600 Modul zyklisch nach den GPS-Koordinaten und der Uhrzeit. Dies klappt problemlos.
+CIPGSMLOC: 0,9.429655,48.917496,2018/04/23,09:20:37

Nebenher gehen auch noch SMS-empfangen und Daten zum HTTP-Server schicken.

Aber irgendwann - so nach 2-3 Stunden bei Abfragen alle 10 Sekunden - kommt vom GSM-Modul ein Network-Error 601.

Darüber hinaus geht dann auch die RSSI-Abfrage (AT + CSQ) nicht mehr. Offenbar hat es sich dann vom Netz getrennt.
Dann hilft nur noch ein RESET und neu Initialisierung vom Modul. Hat da jemand eine Idee warum der SIM600 aussteigt? Oder könnte es sein, dass der Netzanbieter nach einiger Zeit trennt?

Product Design / Re: Newbie quesitons before bu...
Last post by Budvar10 - Today at 11:51 am
Just after brief look at the schematics, I see 100pF capacitors from XTAL pins to GND and 1M resistor between them. Value 100pF is too high and the resistor is unprofitable. See the datasheet for the value of capacitors: 12-22pF!
replace String width c strings (zero terminated char arrays)
I don't understand what you mean, could you explain please, thank you!
Project Guidance / Re: gy-271
Last post by danielacrute - Today at 11:49 am
ok thank you so I need gps and gyro I am new at Arduino I have played around with a few things  I made a Arduino mouse trap but now I want to build a track vehicle that I can use to scout around my farm I have all the mechanical side of it sorted out now its the brain of it I am trying to get my head around.
Again thank you for your help
Hi folks,

I am trying to read the maximum frequency from analog input using the following code:

Code: [Select]
void setup() {
  pinMode(A5, INPUT);

void loop() {
  Serial.println("value = ");

AnalogRead returns a value based on the voltage on that pin NOT frequency.  it is it voltage or frequency you after?
Software / Re: WiFiEsp.h Server e Client ...
Last post by Standardoil - Today at 11:39 am
Se ricordo bene la connessioni multiple sono gestite cambiando la effimera

Le due righe che hai postato dovrebbero essere corrette, una garanzia un server che risponde alla 80. La seconda interroga un server usando la 80
Servirebbe sapere se è come il client imposta l'effimera
Français / Re: Arduino, problème communic...
Last post by infobarquee - Today at 11:38 am
quelle version IDE?
quel windaub?
ca ne serait pas une version IDE avec cloud?
If you want the code to be respond quickly to any kind of input you need to get rid of the delay()s and use millis() for timing instead.

Read Using millis() for timing.  A beginners guide,   Several things at the same time and look at the BlinkWithoutDelay example in the IDE.
Also I forgot to mention, most network interfaces for Arduino are system on a chip. I'm not sure they could capture and an arduino process all of the traffic on the network.

If we knew more about the type of protocol used on the connection between devices, we could maybe see if there is a solution that doesn't involve sniffing.
Hi everyone!

I juste bought this little actuator ( from actuonix and didn't see someone who already used it with an arduino.
It says that it is compatible with an arduino board.

I have no idea how can I use it and I am calling for your help :D

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