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So I am working on a midi piano that connects to pc via a usb cable. I was able to achieve this using DualMoco Lufa firmware. Issue is that I use Flip software to install the dualmoco firmware .hex file onto arduino. After installing it, by default Arduino will stay at midi-mode but if MOSI and Gnd pins on ISCP2 are shorted, the arduino goes into usb-to-serial mode for adding new arduino codes.

I wish to be able to achieve same on an standalone arduino (bare-bone design) or any other arduino like pro mini and nano.

I found that Flip software cant be used with other arduino boards or clones since they do not use megaU16 like usb-serial chips and therefore dont have second ICSP header pins needed to switch between 2 different frimware. Is there a way I can make my own standalone arduino and also be able to use dual moco frimware by using some usb-serial chip or usb to ttl chip?

Please I need urgent help as I am unable to find a solution.


Any response, ty
No, it is a very poor question and lacks detail see How to use this forum for how to ask a question and what our stand on urgent requests is.

I did read it yesterday and their are so many questions:-
WTF is DualMoco Lufa - a link at least is required.
The same goes for this question:-
Flip software to install the dualmoco firmware .hex file onto arduino.
You assume everyone knows what you know. In the Arduino world these are very fringe things, look at how many posts I have and I have never come across them.

I hope this explains why you have had no response so far.


An Arduino Uno has a second microcontroller on-board, an ATmega16U2. It is this chip you flash the MIDI firmware to. The Arduino Nano and Pro Mini do not have these chips, so you can't use them for USB MIDI (at least not without extra hardware). (The Pro Mini doesn't have a USB-to-Serial converter, the Nano has a single purpose one, not a programmable MCU.)

Read this: https://github.com/tttapa/MIDI_controller/wiki/MIDI-over-USB

I'd recommend a Teensy or a (Pro) Micro.


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