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Hi all,

Something that frustrates me a little which is when I am programming with 2 or more boards at once. The boards are often part of an I2C network.

It would be nice if a sketch could be linked to a certain COM port and board configuration. So that when you change to another sketch it automatically knows where to send the compiled code and to what type of board.

For the moment I have sticky notes attached to each Arduino which works.




It's a feature that's been requested many times. The Arduino Web Editor does have this feature.

If you start two separate instances of the Arduino IDE you can have one board and COM port selected in one instance and a different board and COM port selected in the other. You need to actually start the Arduino IDE multiple times to do this. If you only have multiple windows of the same IDE instance open then changing the board or COM port in one window will also change it in the other window. That doesn't accomplish your goal of associating properties with a sketch but it does make it easier when you are working with multiple boards at the same time.


Cheers Pert,

I didn't think there was anything unique about my situation. Just having the ability to at least fix a sketch to a COM port is just fine and does the job.

You're a champion !,


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