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CE is in progress, but be aware that the products is sold as a kit which is intended for your own customisation into a final product/installation, so you will still need to make sure your final product/installation conforms.

An updated version of the IND.I/O board will be in stock in September, together with a couple of newly released products. We are always looking for constructive feedback and for members of the Arduino community which are interested in collaborating in development of this projects. So please drop us a line at contact.industruino@gmail.com

All the best!



Hi Loic !

This is great product.

I'm building ADC and DAC shield for arduino but can't decide what IC's to use.  Please, would you share with us what IC you use for ADC and DAC functions on Industruino ?


Mladen Bruck


Hi Mladen,

For the DAC we use the MCP4725, for the ADC we use MCP3424.
Good luck with your project!

Best Regards,



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WOW, Great help , great help.  Thank you, you are best !

I immediataly find full schematic diagram of analog input board here: http://www.ereshop.com/shop/free/I2C-AI418S_SHEET.pdf..
YEA....   :D
(I already ordered IC 's )

Edit: Here is schematic: http://www.ereshop.com/shop/free/I2C-AI418M_SCH.pdf

Is there schematic for analog outputs of DAC chip ?


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Congratulation, it's a very nice and useful project/product!

We are also developing a Mega version which will have space in the enclosure to host standard Arduino shields.

- Really, then I can use standard Arduino shields inside the Industruino enclosure?
- When will this be available?

We are very please to announce 3 new products to complement our Industruino range of products!
2. IND.I/O baseboard (industrial level I/O interface baseboard).
3. EXP baseboard (same as standard Industruino but with 14P IDC expansion port for external modules, plus a 7-28Vin -> 5V/2A switching voltage regulator).

Does the "IND.I/O Industruino" also have
- a 14p IDC expansion port for external molules and
- a 7-28Vin -> 5V/2A switching voltage regulator?

I have some more questions please:

When I buy and want to use the "IND.I/O Industruino Kit" and the "External Ethernet Module", do I have to solder something? Do I need a soldering-iron?

Does the "IND.I/O Industruino" have a Real-Time-Clock onboard?
If not, what would you recommend as the most easiest solution to include a RTC inside?

The "IND.I/O Industruino" has industrial I/O levels (24V digital I/O, 0-10V/4-20mA analog I/O) and is fully isolated from the MCU. That's great! But do also exist some screw connectors which are connected directly to the MCU I/O pins? E.g. this is necessary to use OneWire/1-Wire withe the Arduino?
Or how can I use OneWire/1-Wire components with the IND-I/O Industruino (connected from outside)?

Is it possible to update/upload sketches via your external Ethernet module to the Industuino? For example like:
How To Upload A Sketch To Your Arduino Via A Network
TFTP Bootloader



Great job, LOIC, I do have two remarks :

First of all, on the site you may select compare but I did not found the link www.industruino.com/catalog/product_compare

For the case, I like to see that the connectors have a break-out cover so that if you don't need the I/O on the bottom you don't see them.
This is really an advantage whenever you have to place the unit elsewhere and not in a cabinet on rail.

Regards, Robert.



  1. The Mega version has been put on the back burner for a bit at the moment to focus on the IND.I/O and our new 128k Topboard. Mega version will eventually come but will be for later in the year.
  2. The IND.I/O also has the 14Pin expansion connector and its switching voltage regulator actually supports a larger Vin range (6.5-32V vs. 8-28V).
  3. When you buy any of the kits you don't need to solder anything, just screw assembly

  4. Currently there's no RTC built in, on the PROTO kit you can easily add it to the internal prototyping area. On the IND.I/O you can connect one to the 14p IDC connector, this connector has i2c and SPI so

  5. The Ethernet module is based on the Wiznet W5500 ethernet chip and uses a library which is almost identical to the standard Arduino library (just some different setup routines), therefore programming over TFTP should be achievable with some work on the code. It is something that would benefit a lot of people so I will investigate in maybe contracting it out to get the code ported.


  1. we made a new comparison page on the website for that, please have a look here
  2. Covering the connectors with an optional break-out cover is a good idea, we need to see how we can move the connectors back a bit inside the case to allow for this.



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If you're interested in what we've been up to the last couple of months please have a look at our newsletter.

If you have any questions or suggestions you can always reach us at connect@industruino.com

Best Regards,



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Hi everyone,

Just a quick update; Last couple of months have been busy expanding the website, adding technical articles, writing blogposts etc...

Please have a look these two videos where we show some of the functionality of the Industruino IND.I/O

4-20mA analog input data streamed to emoncms.org

24V proximity sensors and direct drive of a solenoid

We've also recently updated all of our libraries to support the latest Arduino IDE 1.6.4! You can find all the files on our github.

If you want to keep up to date on any of our new announcements please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on twitter!

Thanks everyone and please let me know if you have any questions!




I can't see your photos! Could you attach them?
Do not PM me for help. I will delete immediately.

After Tuesday, even the calendar goes W T F


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Hello. Is it possible to add 6 digital inputs in industrial version? Industruino has 8 di/do-s, but i need additional 6 digital inputs. if yes, then how to add them. thanks


@aaas: Currently you can connect a number of Industruino's together via the RS485 connection to increase the I/O count.


Hi everyone,

We are very pleased to announce that the Industruino PROTO 32u4 has been added to the Arduino AtHeart program! You can read all about it over here.

We're also very excited to be at Maker Faire Rome! We hope to meet many of you there. The faire will run from the 16th to 18th of October. More information can be found here.

Best Regards,
Loic & The Industruino Team


Greetings to everyone,

We've been up to so many things lately, so it was about time that we updated this thread. The main headline; We have a Zero compatible M0+ model! Actually, the first and only M0+ Arduino compatible industrial controller currently on the market.

The M0+ model comes in the form of our D21G Topboard (48MHz, 256KB Flash, ATSAMD21G18 MCU). As per usual, you can combine this new topboard with either the prototyping baseboard to suit your own demands, or with the industrial I/O baseboard ready to wire up to 24V / 4-20mA/0-10V signals.

Following popular demand by our users, the D21G Topboard got some more hardware upgrades: battery backed RTC, multiple SERCOM's (Dual SPI, Dual UART) and faster graphics. We've also developed a new bootloader allowing you to upload code remotely via an Ethernet connection. We will write more about the software on our website & our GitHub page.


Best regards,
Loic & The Industruino team

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