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I am an absolute novice trying to connect two Nanos via nRF24s.  I do not seem able to load any sketches onto the Nanos  Checking the tools on the Arduino screen it says they are on COM 6 and 7
When I try to load program I get an error message 'cannot set COM  \\.\COM 6 (or 7)'Checking on device manager  under ports I get RAMPS(COM6) This driver comes from MatterHackers (who usually deal with 3d printers)  I cant help feeling that I need to replace this driver with one supplied by Arduino but each time I try to do this I get told (by windows) that RAMPS is the most up to date driver.  I seek advice to confirm whether the problem is a driver problem and if so how to correct it


Why are you using a driver from MatterHackers for the Nanos?


What serial chip do your nanos have? Are they clones or real ones? Many of the clones have different serial adapter chip - hence need drivers. Check the markings on the black chip near the USB port (on nanos it's usually on the bottom).
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The reason I am a driver from Matter Hackers is because I did not know it was there!  Matter Hackers have a program, called Matter Control  which is a very useful control for 3D printers.  Most 3D printers are driven by some sort of Arduino device - the printer I designed and built uses an Arduino Duet.  The download from Matter Hackers has a driver for Arduino and it must be that when I attach a Nano to a usb port it picks up the existing driver from Matter Hackers.  I now have details of the driver from MatterHackers and am in the process of removing it - not as easy as it may seem as 'permission is required to delete'

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