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i give up.
Sorry to hear, well I guess it was worth a try.

i also can't flash over usb anymore
That would indicate the Ethernet controller is not correctly connected to your Arduino. It's a quirk of the bootloader that it only works for USB upload with the Ethernet controller connected. That's something I plan to fix eventually.


Maybe there is no need for 2 Arduinos!
I just tryed a ESP8266 NODEMCU with 80Mhz and 4MB Flash!
Putting this thin on a breadboard-shield i can use my stack of shield with that ESP8266 !
It should have much enough mem and it is much faster!
Just tried a simple webserver and it runs very stable and fast!

I am getting new Ideas for Arduino Shields again...  :o
How about a ESP8266 on a shield as substitiute for an arduino?...


You can program your Arduino (also other micro controllers) with ESP8266 ESP-LINK firmware. Check it out.

Pure SPI Library for 1602 LCD using Shift Register

RFID Access Control Project

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