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@ PaulS

so as usual you resorted to you filthy nonsense idiotic crap language. and as usual, could not actually come up with a solution to the issue posted in subject. Get a life you nonsense
Français / Re: Code secret avec télécomma...
Last post by Leonito2003 - Today at 07:58 am
Voila, tous les Serial... sont commentés, le timer se reset bien, c'est parfait !

Merci beaucoup d'avoir pris du temps pour me répondre et tout m'expliquer !

Salut !
Programming Questions / Re: Macros, PROGMEM and such.
Last post by DKWatson - Today at 07:56 am
Thanks for that. It may be as close as I get. It's not so much a replacement for F() as it is an abstraction of the PROGMEM write/read process. Having a few unused pre-processor directives hanging around, if needed, as opposed to referring to the library manual for syntax when you do want it. Cheers. K+.
Bar Sport / Re: Paranoia
Last post by westfw - Today at 07:55 am
home-made explosive devices one region would stand out as a significant outlier.
Malta?  They've got quite the cottage fireworks thing going, I hear...
Then there's the Thais, who've been known to go a bit wild with their rocket-like things.

And there are the countries that spend many billions of dollars per year manufacturing professional explosive devices, and selling them to pretty much anyone...  :-(

Nevertheless, I won't be responding to any requests for help making "countdown timers for an airsoft fake device"...
What sets the motor direction in the current code ?
Microcontrollers / Re: arduino with indepent adc ...
Last post by sterretje - Today at 07:53 am
Yes, you can use A0 and A1 and A2 as analog inputs and A4 and A5 as digital inputs (or outputs). What makes you think that you can't?

An Arduino Nano has two additional analog inputs (A6 and A7); those pins can't be used as digital input or digital output.
Deutsch / Re: HC-05 wiederholt Befehl
Last post by Doc_Arduino - Today at 07:50 am

wenn das struct im Moment zu viel des Guten ist, dann gehts erstmal auch ohne. Jetzt musst du nur noch deine Auswertung einbauen, also was bei welchen Wert passieren soll.

Code: [Select]


const byte SERIAL_BUFFER_SIZE = 3;
char serial_Buffer[SERIAL_BUFFER_SIZE];

int HC05_value;
bool HC05_flag = false;

void setup() {

void loop() {


bool read_serial()  
  static byte index = 0;
  if (Serial.available() > 0)  {    
    char c =;
      if(c == '\n')  {                  // 'NL' Endeerkennung
        serial_Buffer[index] = '\0';    // Null Terminierung
        index = 0;
        return true;
      else if (c >= 32 && index < SERIAL_BUFFER_SIZE-1)  {  // alles lesen was kein Steuerzeichen ist
        serial_Buffer[index++] = c;

  return false;  

void handle_serial ()
  if (read_serial() ) {
    HC05_value = atoi(serial_Buffer);         // string to int
    HC05_flag = true;
    memset(serial_Buffer,'\0',sizeof(serial_Buffer));  // seriellen Buffer löschen

void auswertung()
  if(HC05_flag) {

    // hier "HC05_value" auswerten ...

    HC05_flag = false;
thank you.
Deutsch / Re: NRF24L01 empfangen und aus...
Last post by Whandall - Today at 07:47 am
Warum sendest du hunderte Pakete pro Sekunde solange du die Taste drückst?
Warum interessiert dich nicht ob davon eines ankam?

Was funktioniert denn überhaupt nicht?

Wenn Module nahe beieinander sind, ist RF24_PA_MAX sehr oft ungünstig.  ;)
Cut two male-to-female cables in half.
Take one cable with the male part and two cables with the female part.
Strip the ends that have no connector and solder them together.
Put some insulation tape around the exposed area of the wire or, preferably, use some shrink tube (or whatever it is called in English).
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