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Given that Intel has announced End-of-Life for the Arduino 101, your time would be better served finding an alternative solution that meets your needs. Those who have an Arduino 101 are probably going to be looking at alternatives.

I have 1 Arduino 101 which will be retired and no longer used.

Life goes on.


In the discontinuation notice Intel did mention that the Arduino 101 would continue to be made by a different manufacturer.

Massimo Banzi also stated:
the 101 is not going away, it's going to be available in the future
8:43 AM - 28 Jul 2017
However, the 101 has been sold out for well over a month now (other than the CTC package) and the product is no longer listed on the America/Asia/Oceania version of the Arduino Store (though that may just be a website bug). It certainly doesn't give confidence in the future of the board to see it sold out at about the same time you'd expect the existing stock to run out after Intel threw in the towel.

Massimo Banzi also stated that there would be a new release of the Intel Curie Boards hardware package last August:
We're expecting a new release of the 101 software sometime in august.
They did a pre-release but never an actual production release that could be installed via Boards Manager. I did get a (simple, non-controversial) pull request merged to the repository in September so there still is at least one person with administrative privileges active on that project, though there is very little sign of development work happening.

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