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I've enjoyed this thread. I've been looking for a scheduler for some time now and haven't really found anything I think; including some of the more popular options. I wasn't even aware of ChibiOS/RT until I read this thread. I quickly ran out and downloaded it. Read the instructions and had a something working within minutes. That's a first. Normally its a royal pain before you can even get that far.

After trying a couple of demos on my mega2560, everything just worked. Next I decided to try something a little more complex. I plugged in an LCD shield, created a couple of extra threads, and now I have the chBlinkPrint example code running concurrently with my threads, which also drive an LCD and read analog button presses for input and serial outputting the value along side the loop count. It was trivial and took all of five minutes. Uses 6984-bytes of flash. This is what a lightweight RTOS should look like.

I've yet to try SPI+ChibiOS/RT. I guess maniacbug may beat me here. I dunno. As my primary goal for SPI is to drive an RF24L01 radio too. So far its proved to be very Arduino friendly so I'm hopefully SPI support will also prove to be a gimme.

I may go back and give FreeRTOS a try again, but at this point, I'm not really seeing much reason to so do.

I've been absent for a while - busy with stuff. I hope over the next month or two I'll be working again on AVR/arduino projects again. I would certainly like to get back to some RF24L01 work as well as finally do some coding on my networking layer for it.


Anyone other able to compare FreeRTOS ChibiOS and maybe other contenders for Arduino's better (easiest) RTOS ?


There are dozens of little schedulers for Arduino.  Most are no longer actively supported.

Most Arduino users don't need a RTOS.  A cooperative scheduler would be sufficient.

In the near future I expect the Arduino company to add a simple cooperative scheduler.  That will be the best solution unless you have the rare app that needs a true RTOS.

If you need a RTOS, FreeRTOS is a good choice.  It is probably the most popular free open source RTOS.

I like ChibiOS/RT but that is a personal preference.  Most RTOSes offer the same basic features.

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