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Nice setup  8)

Let us have a video when ready

How do you control your pan/tilt servo's ??


Hey kas,

Thanks for posting the pic. I couldn't get the img tags to work for some reason. I configured Total RC Commanders buttons for the following:

Button 1: cam up - momentary - move cam up by 5
Button 2: cam down - momentary - move cam down by 5
Button 3: cam left - momentary - move cam left by 5
Button 4: cam right - momentary - move cam right by 5
Button 5: free look - on/off - use joystick to control the pan/tilt camera mount. Vehicle motors disabled.
Button 6: drive - on/off - use joystick to control vehicle



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Yeah, I had the Buttons 5/6 solution in mind   ;)


BTW I had a look at your YouTube chain,
Your balancing robot looks pretty much as my first one, back in 2010   :)
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You will get (much) more stability with larger/softer wheels
see post #602


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