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Topic: Different results on Intel Arduiono 101 board vs Genuino labelled board.  (Read 406 times) previous topic - next topic


I have a project that I'm getting assistance with from outside of the US. I have the Intel US board 101 and had to ship the Genuino 101 board to my "partner" but the results of the same program are different.
It simply sends 6 analog temp values over BLE but on my board I can us nRF Connect with Android and it only sees one characteristic value but on theirs it sees all 6. The associated app we're working on therefore works for them but not me. That seems to be a board vs an app issue.

Any idea? the only other idea is that perhaps since they started months later they are using a different library in the IDE? The Serial.Prints are just for display on the serial monitor.


edit fixed some undefined variables and a } that was out of place. same result but no errors on compiling now.

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