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Hi All

With the change in subfolder approach with Arduino IDE starting with 1.6.10 and above it appears you can no longer have subfolders or maintain local copies of libraries such as CurieIMU.

The problem I am now facing is that I want to reference the CurieIMUClass in my FreeIMU library.  Typically I would do this by using a #include "CurieIMU.h" and then creating an instance of by using the following statement: CurieIMUClass accgyro;.  All would work well, this works for every other IMU I have in my inventory and believe me when I say I have quire a few plus several pressure sensors.

The problem seems to be with the statement in the CurieIMU.h file that declares "extern CurieIMUClass CurieIMU".  If I comment this the form I use in the second paragraph works without a problem.  However, if I comment this line out it is now longer using the standard CurieIMU library and all example sketches break. So my question is how to get around this without it throwing an error in the IDE if I do not comment it out.

I can always create a different CurieIMU lib by just changing the class names and functions and make it a local library.  Would rather not do this of course.

PS. I did try and put a local copy in a src folder in the FreeIMU lib folder but I keep getting a file or directory not found.


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