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Programming Questions / Re: Need some insight
Last post by PaulS - Today at 11:58 am
I think that those issues would be best addressed on an ESP32 specific forum. What the ESP32 is doing is not what a regular Arduino does.
Programming Questions / Re: Arduino as RTC itself
Last post by UKHeliBob - Today at 11:58 am
Hi Friends
Please i want simple program " gsm modem with arduino uno send sms ever day 8.00Am & 10:00Pm " I am online  message to My mobile"
You have started a new thread with this query so why add to this old one ?

Programming Questions / Re: millis?
Last post by Robin2 - Today at 11:57 am
It looks as if your Reply #3 is meant to be a substitute for Reply #2 - is that correct?

It is still not at all clear what parts are working and what parts you need help with.

The code in your Original Post seems to have lots of lines that set the value of currentDisplay but not a single line that makes use of that value.

Software / Re: da arduino ad android
Last post by valvonauta3 - Today at 11:57 am
Sembra interessante. Grazie mille
Microcontrollers / Re: Problem with Programming A...
Last post by idir93 - Today at 11:56 am
Any idea?
Programming Questions / Re: Coding
Last post by UKHeliBob - Today at 11:55 am
1)  Online where ?

2)  Sorry, but I don't understand this
...especially for large sketches. I agree!
Generale / Re: Calcolare resistori di un ...
Last post by cyberhs - Today at 11:53 am
Ti suggerisco di leggere questo articolo:
Sensors / Re: Bourns 3590S-2-103L, 10 kO...
Last post by Wawa - Today at 11:50 am
Not sure what will happen when you power the pot from a different voltage than the A/D,
or power the pot when the A/D is off.
The pot might try to power the A/D through it's input protection diodes.
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