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Hi Nick,

I used the same name used in the processor's datasheets:
SCK for the ATmegq328, SCLK for ATmega16

About the "port power" colors is meant the maximum current usable for group of pin as it says on page 314 of the ATmega328 datasheet.
and thank you because you made me notice that there is a mistake! Missing a port group color! Now I settle.
Ok also for the /RESET.

I will consider your suggestion on the PWM symbol.

Can you explain better?


I used the same name used in the processor's datasheets:
SCK for the ATmegq328, SCLK for ATmega16
Yes, true, but I think that's a bit of a typo.

Further on in the datasheet they refer to it as SCK:


It's the same signal, and I think that, on a single page, it should be referred to in the same way, otherwise people are going to Google "what is the difference between SCLK and SCK when using SPI?".
Please post technical questions on the forum, not by personal message. Thanks!

More info: http://www.gammon.com.au/electronics


Can you explain better?
Yes. On the mini pinout diagram, the pin at the top marked RST is shown as connected to physical pin 11
If it was a RESET it would be connected to physical pin 29.
I think it's the Ready To Send (RTS) pin, used when programming via an FTDI lead.


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Hi again. Nick is right, there is a typo with the 8u2. I also suggest to add 32u2 since some boards have a 32u2. At least some unofficial, ive got two.

And as i said i'd switch the 16u2 ISP header like this:

BTW: nice website, just the Uno pinout is missing. Is it okay for you that i use the pic like that? If not email me via my blog. It seems that i dont get an email here on the arduino forum and also the pm is buggy/not working for me.

Edit also added Nicks SCK fix:


The 4 Pinheader of the 16u2 is also labeled wrong. See this github issue.
You should really fix those issues. Or do we get the original files to modify it on our own? Thanks



Would you be prepared to share the illustrator files so we can produce wall prints for the local maker space in Benicia?




Hi All!

I'm working on a new improved version:

I'll make it available soon.

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