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I think you are confusing :here you are at Arduino.

Wiring, which is the original project, Arduino IDE is a fork of wiring, was written by Hernando Baragan with Atmel avr microcontroler, it seems to me that it was an atmega8 but it needs to be verified.
Arduino innovation  was to provide a board simple to use and inexpensive.

The avr are old and only 8 bits micro-controller .
When Arduino decide to switch to newest micro he stayed with Atmel and created DUE board, Zero board is dirrectement  designed by Atmel: it's written on the back of the board and schematics are signed by Atmel.

Some members of this forum believe that STM32 microcontroler are more powerful and have more features.They began porting Wiring / Arduino functions to STM32 and adapt the IDE.

These people are not part of the Arduino team, this  project is out  Arduino  so Arduino team can not don't want to help you because Arduino team makes money by selling boards based on Atmel micro and not boards based on STM32 micro.

You should contact Roger Clark (see his website).

You also have the option of using MBED which manages a large number of ARM-based micro from differents maker (ST, NXP, Frescale, Nordics, and so on).
As last year Atmel joined MBED project only for IOT, MBED don't manages Atmel-ARM micro-controler.


it seems to me that [The original "Wiring" board] was an atmega8 but it needs to be verified.
The original Wiring board used an ATmega128 and cost $60.  http://wiring.org.co/hardware/previous.html

The one that's still sold is apparently Wiring-S, using an ATmega644P.  It's cheaper (comparable to an Uno), and has the "standard" Arduino shield pin-layout.

(The original "Arduino" used an ATmega8)


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Sorry I don't speak about "Wiring board" but boards which was used for Wiring development,(started at Ivrea, finished  at "Universidad de Los Andes" Colombia) and released in 2004, one year before arduino.
I "think" those boards were probably Atmel demoboard.

If you to speak about Wiring board I agree with you it is cheaper (about 45 $) but 644 is more powerfull that 328p (UNO)

Barragan has not exceptional charisma of  Banzi and Wiring project was stifled by Arduino.
 The Wiring project remained confidential and boards  have not been manufactured in quantity and therefore the price was expensive.
 It's domage because the 644 is a good micro.


I'm using an STM board instead of an Arduino to program other microcontrollers, for which i need two UARTs and one SPI port. It works very well.

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