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Dario Gogliandolo

congratulations for a job well done!
Also I have created a dashboard OBDII but I used another microcontroller, the NXP LPC1768.
I'd like to have your opinion, HERE you can find the video demo! :)
Hello and congratulations again!
"Se una cosa sembra troppo bella per essere vera, semplicemente... non รจ vera!"
Video demonstration of my DIY Dashboard OBDII


I have ordered one. How long it takes for shipping to U.S.?  Thanks.


Rob Tillaart

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Really nice product, I think....

I've purchased two of these things thinking the first might be defective as I couldn't get any sort of clear readings out of it even when I connected the UART lines to an oscilloscope.

I'm an electronics engineer and I don't see any issues on my end, I can't even get the simple LED program to work for engine RPM over 2000.

I've tried it on a 1999 and a 2000 Firebird with no results. But cars OBD ports work fine with all other scanners.

Really is a shame, would love to figure it out finally


Steve Greenfield AE7HD
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Nov 15, 2014, 08:39 am Last Edit: Nov 15, 2014, 08:49 am by penjoseph
I was able to communicate with my car using Stanley Huang's (Freematics) OBD adapter - 2008 Hyundai Accent\Verna CRDi (turbo diesel).

The OBD CAN bus data is displayed on 20x4 LCD using Arduino Mega 2560 &  OBD UART version adapter.

Left side
Engine rpm
Fuel Rail Pressure in kpsi
Boost in psi
Voltage at ECU

Right side
Intake Air temperature in celsius
Coolant water temperature in celsius
Load in %
Commanded EGR in %
Slow Coach


Coded a RPM based dual stage LED shift light. The LED shift light is programmed to 'blink' between 2800-3800rpm, more than 3800rpm it remains 'on'. Its a direct injected turbo diesel hence the rev range is limited unlike gasoline.

Dual Stage RPM Shift Light
Slow Coach


There are many elm327 product on the aftermarket, some support Android, some fits iOS system, some fits both.  A bluetooth elm327 is compatible AT commands. Some Bluetooth elm327 works on Android or iOS, WIFI elm327 are developed to worked on both iOS system and Android. Pick the best one that fits your need.

I recommend a site here offer detail infor. and various types.



How to use the device to turn off the annoying seat belt chime, please


The solution is to put your seat belt on


ELM327 Buletooth/Wifi OBD2 Code Scanner is handle scan tool which can work with iPhone,iPad,Android. ELM327 support reading and clearing fault codes,display current sensor data including Engine RPM,Fuel System Status,Vehicle speed and so on. ELM327 also has USB version.Learn more about ELM327 scanner,you can check:http://www.eobd2.fr/producttags/ELM327/


Sorry to bump an old thread but am i able to use this alongside another OBD2 connection, i require another connection in order for me to log variables on my ecu for home tuning.


I need necessary hardware to control the Light Module on an 2006 BMW, especially to activate the brake lights.
Can this be done by any of Telematics Kits?

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