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Just want to share my experience with the pcb/stencil manufacturing services from http://www.pcbway.com.

Quality of my 4-layer pcb and stencil are really good !

Pricing is also very good (bought a frame-less stencil with top and bottom combined for 25USD)

Support channel is very responsive and to the point...


PS/ If somebody wants to try them out, feel free to use my invite link: http://www.pcbway.com


As far as our PCB fabrication needs, we always require quick turns. It's our goal to allow 5 day turns, but we often need to request 2 and 3 day turns and an occasional 24 hour turn. Other places we have quote often don't respond in time to make a good decision. Also, we have come to trust what PCBWay quotes as far as being on time and getting the boards to the assembly vendor by the date required. Consequently, PCBWay is a vendor of choice for our team. We are required to get at least 2 quotes, and to go with the lower cost. When this was first put into place, we had to choose a different vendor most of the time. Now, the costs seem to be very close most of the time which allows us to again choose PCBWay. We always feel relief when we can send the order to PCBWay because we know it will be managed correctly and be on time. Now I know why so many person recommend PCBWay in public, it has best service from the registration of a member to receipt of the boards. I will definitely use PCBWay in the future.


DFRobot's reliable PCB service has been applied in the astronomy technology
The DLR is the national center for aerospace, energy and transportation research in Germany. It engages in a wide range of research and development projects for national and international partnerships.
The Eu:CROPIS mission (Euglena and Combined Regenerative Organic-Food Production in Space) is one of their projects. In this project they aim to create a symbiotic community of bacteria, tomatoes and single-celled algae using synthetic urine(!) on board a satellite that simulates the gravity of the Moon or Mars.

You could view more about this astronomy technology: PCB Project

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