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Last year Arduino came with a brilliant product line called ESLOV. users can build prototypes in minutes and write software using the GUI interface. Unfortunately, it got canceled on the Kickstarter.
there are companies who make plug and play hardware but there aren't many who make every single hardware a plug and play hardware. there are companies like seeed studio, Controleverything.com who make a lot of plug and play hardware.
So if you are looking into the plug and play hardware please check out https://learn.controleverything.com/
the main similarities between ESLOV and CE
both make hardware which are plug and play, so no need of wiring.
Ideal for schools, professors, makers, and prototypes.
Works directly with your existing Arduino
there are few advantage with CE
Every single device works in same way and follows same hardware and software standard
The Same device will work with Arduino, raspberry pi, beagle bone, particle and much more.
can be used in prototypes as well as in final products.
here is a video which shows how it works.

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