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Hi, I made a 6x6x6 LED cube following this instructable : http://www.instructables.com/id/6x6x6-Arduino-LED-Cube/ . When lighted with arduino UNO using a power supply, the LED are really dim and they dont seem to follow the patterns of the code accurately, I followed the instructable completely and was troubleshooting for the past 2 weeks, I made sure each LED was still fit using another external power supply to light them up 1 by 1. I changed the resistors to 100 ohms hoping it would be brighter, but still no difference. I checked each point of my solder to make sure they weren't faulty. I attached pictures of my cube, can anyone tell me what else can I check or fix to make sure it lights up brightly and follows the code patterns? thanks!
the code : https://cdn.instructables.com/ORIG/FB1/60H6/J1QP7MGZ/FB160H6J1QP7MGZ.ino
the cube:


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Instructables are normally crap. Never use them unless you know more than the author.

Post a schematic, or at least a link to the Instructables. Read the forum rules and post images and links correctly.

I can tell by your pictures that the Instructables is crap because you have no decoupling capacitors at all in the circuit.


6x6x6 LED cube instructables

Here I attached the link to the instructables and the schematic I used, sorry as I am new to Arduino and I heard that instructables had really good detailed posts where I can learn and follow, also I was planning to make a 6x6x6 dimensional cube, which this was one of the very few I could find as most were 3x3x3,4x4x4,8x8x8


That is not a schematic it is a physical layout diagramand as such totally useless for checking the quality of the circuit.

I heard that instructables had really good detailed posts where I can learn and follow,
Never listen to idiots. Instructables have a very bad reputation here, it is a very rare one that has no mistakes in them. As I said their is no supply decoupling at all. That tells you the writer hasn't a clue about electronics.

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