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Hi there,.

Im trying to help a group in my kids school to develop a gravity car (no engine, just coast downhill) they are building for a national race they all have in the summer. This is a high school project that helps them understand a lot of physics in general and also allows them to interact with other groups and end up having a final race with all the other schools involved in this project

They asked me to lend them a hand and try some "technological improvement" that they can add to their car. They are evaluated by various subjects, being one use of new technologies.

As we can't really touch much in the mechanics itself, I offered them to develop a "telemetry" system with an Arduino. It would check GPS speed, acceleration in 3 axis, read brake and steering position (and maybe other values in the future), store them into an SD card in CSV format, and then, later on, some pogram would read the stored values in the SD and display them, as they do in the races on TV, and overlay it with the recorded gopro footage.

And now my question is, not being a windows programming guru...does anyonw know, or have any pointer to any program or whatever that does this? Im flexible on how the CSV file is stored as I'm programming the Arduino side, but I am kind of stuck in the post-race windows program that processes the recorded information.


Thank you!


That seems to me like a question for Windows forum.

You can read CSV files with any spreadsheet program and display the data in tables or graphs. Overlaying the data onto video images is well beyond the reach of this Forum :)

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


All spreadsheet programs I have ever seen can read CSV files directly. Did you try?



in addition to using spreadsheets it is possible to implement programs in C++, C#, VB, etc to read CSV files and display the results in graphs together with video etc
if you added radio communication to the car you could attempt to display the information in real time


Try to implement Plx-dac,with this program one can log and make some graph's in excel.


Ended up using DashWare, free software, needs some time to tune up, but prettu amazing result


Have a look  in my repository at https://github.com/f41ardu/ThingspeakWeather/

Look for ArduinoPlot5.py in /thingspeakv2 (for Phyton 2.7.x)

Show dust and voltage from a sharp dust sensor.
It may may work on the Windows platform, remove the Thingspeak stuff.
I use this on an Raspberry PI 3.


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