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Hello to all here in the forum.

I've got a little problem that I think because it can not solve quickly and efficiently via Arduino

I have an outlet in my RC remote control and want to use it to control a stepper motor or any industry PWM signal (eg, 100-2000Hz + release signal) or +-10V

Since I have no idea of Arduino I am looking for someone who can implement my idea for a good pay quickly and possibly later may make small changes.

If the project is successfully able to follow more than one job!
The whole project is a rather large Zeitrdruck I Need help the fast.

On your feedback, I would be very happy.




The Gigs and Collaborations section of the forum is the place for requests like this. I suggest you ask a moderator to move it for you.

Coding Badly


Coding Badly


Coding Badly

I ask in case there is immovable equipment or money translation involved.  Those things can sometimes affect a person's interest.

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