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My name is Cory Arnold. My personal email is jcoryarnold@gmail.com  for contacting me. This is a paid project. Price is negotiable.

I need an experience programmer who wants to help get me started for a project I am working on. I am in the middle of contracting a house, but this project cannot wait any longer. I just do not have time/knowledge to knock this out in a decent time frame.

To give a quick overview. I need to have an arduino set up with two reed switches. When either are tripped the arduino is turned on and 3-5 values are logged. Then sent through an XBEE to a central XBEE, then the data will be logged and sent to a Database. For the Beta Project the central XBEE/Arduino could simply log the data in a CSV file.

At this point I need someone to get me to the point where I can build 5-10 of these, so I can test the application. I have very basic programming knowledge, and basic hardware knowledge.

A couple of notes:
- Values needed to be logged are : Time, Which reed switch was tripped, a serial/identification number, and a running count of how many time each switch was triggered.
- Initially power is not a huge concern. However the finished product will be battery operated, so even in the Beta I want power saving to be a top priority. For example, Only sending information to the central Data Bank once a day, sleep modes, etc....
- I know there is far better/cheaper ways to achieve what I am wanting. However, I really just want to get some Beta units built to test the application. Simplifying, and driving the cost down is not the top priority at this time. Another reason I was looking at going this route is that with arduino and XBEE libraries, the amount of code needed to be written should be very small to achieve the basics of what I need. Compared to starting form scratch before I've tested the application.

Shoot me an email if interested. Then we can arrange a conference call.

Cory Arnold


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I do answer personal requests for help when accompanied with a PayPal receipt ;)



I was able to find a local programmer from this forum to help me. I am truly greatful for everyone who contacted me. The email conversation I have had with some of this forums experts, really helped me get on the right path.

In conclusion, I was able to come to the realization that I needed to commit a little more capital to this project now ,in order to save lots of time down the road. So in the time that I posted this post, I was able to find an experienced programmer/hardware guy, and have a beta unit that functioning at a basic level.

Thanks to everyone who messaged me with input!

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