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Mar 20, 2014, 10:31 pm Last Edit: Mar 20, 2014, 10:37 pm by paddi91 Reason: 1
Hi guys  :)

during the last month I developed a small version control system for the Eagle EDA suite called Thermik. I'm pretty busy in the meantime and have no more time to work on my electronic projects, but I want to see how it performs. Therefore I'm looking for some volunteers who are interested in giving the version control system a try as beta testers.  ;)
Thermik is web based, I'll provide the whole hosting. On the Eagle side only a small ULP script is used which sends all necessary files to Thermik.

You all can have a look at it at http://thermik.dyndns.org/. I added the Arduino Uno as a demo project and made some example changes to it.

At the moment Thermik has these features:

  • Visual diff for schematic and layout

  • Semantic diff for schematic

  • Release management

  • Notification system

  • Contribution system

  • BOM management

  • Drawing preview in browser

If anyone of you has some ideas, just write them down  :P



Hi Patrick,

I saw your project Thermik. It looks cool.  I quickly tried out some basic diff of schematics and boards.
Schematics Diff : http://thermik.dyndns.org/diff/9fsn6p/96qvcsr
Board Diff: http://thermik.dyndns.org/diff/ge0dze/85a271h

In schematics if you can provide a bold and bright colors for showing the variation in high resolution, it would make it easy to view  the diff in detail.

In BOM management, if its possible to integrate octopart API http://octopart.com/api/home or any other similar it would be even nice.

Its a nice and useful project and I can help you as a beta tester.



Mar 21, 2014, 02:40 pm Last Edit: Mar 21, 2014, 02:42 pm by paddi91 Reason: 1
Hi Krishna,

you're right, schematic diff is indeed a little bit ... let's say "noisy". The diff images are usually 1200px in width, what is fine for most projects. But for the Arduino Uno drawing in the example it is definitely too small. So I increased the diff image size to 1800 now.
Should be better for the next commits.

Something general about the commit procedure:
For Thermik I implemented a "2-Step" commit procedure. First you click on a commit button in Eagle which just sends all data to Thermik. This is really handy because it does not interrupt the work at all. Second step is to finally commit these pending commits to the repository. Before finalizing, a diff is shown to have another review of the own work.


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