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I am working on a project that needs to read in 4 ultrasonic sensors.  I am using a RC channel passthrough and using ultrasonic ranges to change the passed PWM signal to a flight controller.  I have the passthrough code working fine.  I need to know a couple of things.
What is the best ultrasonic sensor to use with a DUE and are there any libraries for ultrasonic sensors yet.  I know newping 1.6 is supposed to be written for the parallax style sensors, which I have in abundance.  I will order some Maxbotics sensors if I have to.  I also know that I will need to use a voltage divider for the input to bring the ping sensors down from 5V to 3.3v input into the DUE. 
Pretty stuck here, been searching the internet for awhile and either I am not phrasing my search correctly or Google hates me lol.

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