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I work at a PCB assembly house and some of the boards have to be functionally tested.  Every one has a keypad on it and during a test I may have to press the keypad 50-100 times per board.  Was wondering if there's anything out there that would help eliminate the repetitive button pushes. It would have to have either multiple buttons to run different sequence one time and other buttons run different sequence.  Would be nice to add voltage reading capability too but that can come at a later date.  Any help?


Are you pressing the buttons to test them, the PCB layout (solder errors) or the logic behind the button press?

You could maybe make a jig with several servos (or solenoids) connected to rubberised fingers.
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If cap touch, there is a finger emulator. It looks like a delta 3D printer with a conductive finger instead of a print head. Google for "tapster finger".


I recall seeing a robot being used for what you want. It was at the old Burroughs plant in Plymouth MI. They were testing their ATM machine for reliability. Keypad and fake money dispense. Ran the robot for weeks at a time, but usually the ATM failed before the text time expired. VERY interesting to watch.

You could do something similar with one of the "TOY" robots.


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