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I am just starting here so I apologies if this is in the wrong section of the forum.

The frequency synthesis using PLLs and VCOs are very popular in the RF world and can be found in nearly every high end telecommunication equipments. So as an RF enthusiast and an Arduino lover ,I thought it would be nice to combine both in a project that use the Arduino to control the PLL and make a shield for that, and I am sharing it hoping that someone might find it useful and have fun with it as I did.

The PLL frequency synthesizer  shield (RF BOARD) is based on the analogue devices ADF-4360-8 chip which include a PLL and an integrated VCO. It can be used from 65 to 400 MHZ and can be replaced with another model of the same series that covers frequencies up into the Ghz bands


The output is a very accurate, well defined  and stable RF signal at the desired frequency which can be set through the Arduino .

Mine is in the aviation band from 110 to 130 MHz , I selected this band as an example and for future aviation receiver project using the Arduino,  , the output signal would be mixed with an RF input signal from the antenna to produce a 10.7 IF in a separate circuit and delivers it to the detector and the audio sections of the receiver. This is why the output frequency of the synthesizer should be 10.7 MHz higher than the desired received RF signal

Here is the PLL synthesizer  RF board, notice some mistakes I made in the board design, hence the extra wires on top , I'll try to correct those and make the board again

And here is the I/O board which is mainly the push-buttons to change the frequency up and down, and the 7 seg. digits of  the Frequency read out, all controlled by the Arduino UNO

The board to the right is an older version

Here is the boards in action

and here is the output RF signal at 130.3 Mhz which corrospond to a mixer output frequency of 119.6 Mhz

I am using Eagle to produce the boards schematics and layouts and I will share them as soon as I correct some small mistakes there , as time permits.

The code for the Arduino uses the SPI library and can be used with many Analoge devices chips of different kinds to program them with Arduino , and I'll post it here soon too

Thanks for your time and I hope you find it useful.


Hello Hamdan

I am currently developing a spectrum analyzador and I would be of much help I could provide the program that you used for this project as electronic schemes, thanks



Hi Hamdan
I am a newbee who is working on a similar project.  Is your shield available? Cost?
Is your code available?


sorry for everyone  who is interested in this project cause i was away for sometime..

i will update this topic with the code and EAGLE files shortly , I hope


HI everyone

Please contact me if you need the design files for this project, I'll be happy to share it.




Hello hamhad

You can help me with the files of your proyect?



Looks like a a good start.  I would like to use your board as a signal generator.  Are the files available? 



Just like to chime in that it'd be great to see the files for this available.  :)


Hi guys
These are the design files



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Hi Hamdan
The Shield supports ADF4213 ?


a modified Arduino code can be used to control the ADF4213 but you need to change the part on the pcb and add a VCO because the original chip has onboard VCO, also study the effect of parasitic capacitance in the RF frequency range of the adf4213.
contact me on romeo.h.a.s@gmail.com for any assistance :smiley:


Hi All,
I am looking at using a Arduino to control a ADF4351 PLL.
Has anyone tried this?

I plan to use the ADF4351 as my local oscillator for my microwave converters

regards Gary vk2kyp


I would like you to share code Arduino for frequency synthesizer adf4360

thanks =)


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Hi guys
These are the design files

Hi Hamdan, do you still support this board? I need something like this to drive a capacitive soil moisture sensor, ie. The sensor would be introduced in a part of your design where the change in capacitance results in a change in frequency output.

Do you have any code or library to drive your board in the PLL SHIELD zip file?

Thank you,

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