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Hi Friends,

I am doing a simple project now. I am trying to send data to server using my old yet quite powerful arduino wifi shield.

I stumbled on Post data to RAILS server.

Any Idea what should I do?

Here is a link to code Arduino Sketch

I don't really know what is the problem, but I guess maybe about the server port? Because my shield can connect to SSID.

Any helping hand will be really appreciated.



You will get much better help if you provide more specific information about the problem. 

What is displayed on the serial monitor of the arduino when script runs?  (Please post a sample using the code tags)

Have you tried adding code to the sketch that displays the response?  (See https://github.com/esp8266/Arduino/blob/master/doc/esp8266wifi/client-examples.rst#read-reply-from-the-server)

What log entries are there from your heroku app when the arduino is attempting to connect?

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