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Hello Friends,

A few weeks back launched a new Electronic Components & Tools online store with more than 4000 items and adding.

We are trying to keep prices lower than local electronics parts shops.

Huge range of Electronic Components, Arduino, Robotic Parts etc., already uploaded.

Under process to add more than 2000 tools and power tools of the hobby and DIY world.

We also undertake special orders, items not on our website, contact us, we will try to secure it for you.

Take a look and let us know what other items you like us to add in our ever growing catalog which you may like to buy.

With regards,

CaT Team.


Oct 11, 2016, 01:05 pm Last Edit: Oct 11, 2016, 02:55 pm by F_atima Reason: add text
Today, 11th October it has been one and half month since I placed an online order total over Indian rupees 13,707. I receive  confirm email "Shipping will be done in next 7 working days" on 16th September."We apologies for the delay please let us know that if you can't receive the parcel by coming week then we will cancel your order and issue refund". Still my refund has not been issued. I emailed CaT and received Mail Delivery Subsystem fail. To my surprise www.ComponentsAndTools.com website was down for three days. Now website up and running I sent then at least 10 emails they  just ignore my mails no reply. I want my total money refund.

Purchase Order History 11th October

Date Added Order Status      Comment

25/08/2016 Pending
25/08/2016 Payment Verification
28/08/2016 Processing               Shipping will be done in next 7 working days. Purchase order ID #16498.


To CaT Team,

I placed order on 25/08/2016 today 31/10/2016   Two month now we didn't hear any feedback from your side regarding my purchase order Number: ID #16498 this is not acceptable. Last status update is on 11/10/2016 "handed over for shipping" on 27/10/2016 I sent email didn't receive any reply. This is not acceptable I feel something is not ok. Please refund my money as soon as possible or I will be force to post this issue on Facebook social media etc.

Order History
Date Added   Order Status   Comment
25/08/2016   Pending   
25/08/2016   Payment Verification   
28/08/2016   Processing   Shipping will be done in next 7 working days.
11/10/2016   Processed   handed over for shipping.

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