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Developing a home automation project: So far I have developed an android app and a relay controlled circuit along with fan dimmers/ speed controller (triac controlled) and everything works just fine.
On a minor demonstration, my professor asked me develop a logic on how could I control the switches both manually and through my android app in sync.

Currently I am connecting the common of all the relays to 240V AC and the load wires to NO (Normally Open) pin of the relays. The thing is the load wires are also connected to the NO of the switch on the switch board itself too where from it gets 240 V if switched on from the board.
Here lies the problem:
I can switch it on and off from the app when the switch is manually off but when it's on i can't switch it off. Because its getting 240V AC from the switch board.

Is there any way I can make both manual and relay operation work in sync.
That is when I switch it off or on from the board/app it switches off and on irrespective of how and what its previous state was and what the source was(App controlled via bluetooth+UNO/ Manually via switch board).


you can use two way swich. here is diagram. i think one way swich of house is to be replaced by 2 way switch of similar size.


You can do it the same way the onebee company from coimbatore has done. On one end, you can use capacitor touch sensor and the other is through internet.

CAP 1188 with arduino can help in this design.

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