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Topic: Interface sensor with arduino using nRF24L01 and to display data on computer. (Read 2513 times) previous topic - next topic


        I am trying to make a project on health monitoring system, which has a node and a basestation (ARDUINO UNO).The node consist of 3 sensors which are connected to atmega328 to take certain decisions now, what i want is to transfer this data to the arduino via nRF24L01 and display this data on my computer using serial monitoring function. Please help me by sending an example similar to this problem.


Hi, what is the issue you are facing in implementing this remote module? nRF24L01 is pretty common module to work with. There are plenty of examples online, here is the one at instructables. You can use the code from the website with minor modification as per your connections, http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-NRF24L01-USING-RF-Module/?ALLSTEPS.
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