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Hi guys.

I hope its okay to ask but I have a small projekt im not able to do myself and would like to know if someone would help me out if i pay you?

If, then my projekt is:

Arduino uno r3 easydriver and nema 17.

I want to beable to wind wire from one motor, to the other. Soft start/stop. Beable to push start and stop button. See in display how much i have winded. Now the wire wil have to go forth and back in a loop because it has to cut something. Therefore when the wire is worn out, another button that rolls the wire further to fresh wire. Potentiometers to specify: how long the loop is - how fast the wire goes and how much new wire is rolled over when button is pressed.  To beable to see this in a display would be nice.

Thanks and i hope to hear for one of you.

Sam. Denmark.


I can mostly visualise what you're trying to do but some images of the setup and so would be very helpful.

As I understand it: this is a cutting wire, that forms a loop around two rollers, and then is moved back and forth for a small fraction of the length, the speed and how much movement are set by potentiometers.

The only part that I don't fully get is why you use a pot to set the distance moved when moving to fresh wire, rather than the time the "fresh wire" button is pressed, as it's going to be hard to know how to set the pot when moving the wire.

Adding a display (simple text LCD) is easy.
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