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i am looking at building a circuit that would receive vibration data from a sensor that is fitted to a dc motor.

it would then store the data before transferring the vibration data via Bluetooth to a laptop/tablet.

 I was wondering if this idea is actually feasible?

If so how would be the best way to achieve this? My electronic knowledge is somewhat low but I have researched various options of accelerometers/sensors to use and numerous different pcbs, I just need an expert opinion as to the best components to use to achieve a working circuit

Thank you in advance for any help

Best regards

Mark sheldon


So you have 3 main parts to the project:

  • Sense vibration. It might be helpful if you gave more details about this vibration you're trying to measure.
  • Store data: How much data do you need to store?
  • Transfer data via Bluetooth: This part of the project is quite feasible and you will find tons of information/examples/tutorials for that part of the project.


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Look into piezo transducers (and protecting the micro input pin!)

That might offer enough signal to detect the vibration, then you have to filter & process the piezo voltage to identify when too much is more than enough.
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step #1 is to pick a sensor that has some response to the thing you want to measure.    high speed vibration is one, a low vibration is a whole different type.

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