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I have the DAGU 4WD Robot Chassis and The ADAFRUIT Motor shield(Independent Power Supply (6V - 4AA). Im trying to get the motors power. I run the program which moves the motors but it doesent have alot of power. (If I touch the wheels they completely stop.)

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Got links to what you're using now?
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Yes, I got it from here


Thank You


Has Anyone Had The Same Problem? Would a 9.6V Battery Work Like This One


I Attached Some More Pictures.

Thank You.


While the NiMH pack is better, the 4 AA batteries should be OK.  Something else is wrong.  Are you using PWM?  Sooftware?


The Adafruit shield uses L293's which waste about 2.5V internally.  These chips require a minimum of 7V on the motor supply
to function properly.  7V - 2.5V = 4.5V (which is the minimum motor voltage the motor shield claims to support).

So find yourself a decent 7.2 NiMH battery pack and all should be well if your motors are taking 0.6A or less
and you have good cooling for the motor shield (free air flow).

Personally I'd never recommend the L293 or L298 motor driver chips for low-voltage motors, they waste so
much power (and get so hot).
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Ok, Thank you! Would the 7.2V Battery Pack work with 4 Motors? That's how much this chassis needs.

Thank You Again!

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