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Deutsch / Re: Mikro-Servo SG90 an Anrdui...
Last post by DrDiettrich - Today at 04:33 pm
Nein, das geht so herum nicht. Wenn das Poti für die Positionsabfrage fehlt oder defekt ist, verhält sich jeder Servo wie ein kontinuierlicher Servo, mit steuerbarer Geschwindigkeit. Du kannst höchstens den Servo aufmachen und nachschauen, ob da auch ein Poti drinsteckt, oder warum das sonst kein Signal gibt.
Ok. Well you seem to have a good handle on it then.  You must know what is causing the issue.  I'm pretty sure you're running out of RAM but you seem to think you know that isn't the cause.  So I'll leave you to it.  Good luck.  

But I have to ask, if you know what is wrong then why are you asking here?
I don't know. Why does it run out of RAM here? Why at this specific point? The rest of the program runs just fine. Why at THIS point in the program and ONLY this point in the program?

If it does the same thing on the MEGA, then what?
Displays / Re: Waveshare e-paper displays...
Last post by ZinggJM - Today at 04:32 pm
CS is not on ICSP is correct. Sorry, I didn't check.
DC not needed? is wrong.
RST not needed? is not wrong, but use is recommended.

Can you post the backside please?
I could, but don't want to, as Arduino MEGA users get on my nerves and I spend too much time for this.

In my humble opinion it should be enough to tell Arduino MEGA users, they need voltage dividers for data lines, and need to look up where the SPI pins are on Arduino MEGA.
All other pins can be used as suggested vor AVR, Arduino UNO.
Español / Re: pueden ayudarme ?
Last post by tiketi69 - Today at 04:32 pm
gracias lo voy a probar
Arduino Due / Re: Nextion + Arduino Due: Sof...
Last post by ard_newbie - Today at 04:32 pm

There is no SoftwareSerial library for the DUE since there are hardware Serial1,2,3 and 4.
Programming Questions / MOVED: pueden ayudarme ?
Last post by AWOL - Today at 04:31 pm
Arduino Due / Re: Due Interrupt code from Un...
Last post by ard_newbie - Today at 04:30 pm
There are example sketches in the DUE sub forum for Timer Counter programming, plus you can use TC_lib from antodom.

Here is an example sketch with TC8 (Timer Counter 2 Channel 2):

Code: [Select]

/*       Timer Counter 2 Channel 2, namely TC8, 1 MHz frequency   */
void setup() {



void loop() {


void tc_setup() {

  PMC->PMC_PCER1 |= PMC_PCER1_PID35;                        // TC8 power ON : Timer Counter 2 channel 2 IS TC8 - see page 38

  //PIOD->PIO_PDR |= PIO_PDR_P7;                            // Set the pin to the peripheral
  //PIOD->PIO_ABSR |= PIO_PD7B_TIOA8;                       // Peripheral type B

  TC2->TC_CHANNEL[2].TC_CMR = TC_CMR_TCCLKS_TIMER_CLOCK1  // MCK/2 = 42 M Hz, clk on rising edge
                              | TC_CMR_WAVE               // Waveform mode
                              | TC_CMR_WAVSEL_UP_RC;       // UP mode with automatic trigger on RC Compare
  //  | TC_CMR_ACPA_CLEAR         // Clear TIOA2 on RA compare match
  //  | TC_CMR_ACPC_SET;          // Set TIOA2 on RC compare match

  TC2->TC_CHANNEL[2].TC_RC = 42;  //<*********************  Frequency = (Mck/2)/TC_RC  Hz
  //TC2->TC_CHANNEL[2].TC_RA = 21;  //<********************   Any Duty cycle in between 1 and TC_RC

  TC2->TC_CHANNEL[2].TC_CCR = TC_CCR_SWTRG | TC_CCR_CLKEN; // Software trigger TC2 counter and enable

void TC8_Handler() {

  static uint32_t Count;

  TC2->TC_CHANNEL[2].TC_SR;                               // Read and clear status register
  if (Count++ == 1000000) {
    Count = 0;
    PIOB->PIO_ODSR ^= PIO_ODSR_P27;                       // Toggle LED every 1 Hz

General Electronics / Re: 4 LEDs with 3 Pins
Last post by MarkT - Today at 04:30 pm
A series diode doesn't help for the reverse voltage
Avalanche breakdown in a pn-junction is unlikely to cause damage at leakage current levels
and these moderate voltages, too little energy available to do anything.
Español / Re: problema con control de re...
Last post by Pablo_Lucini - Today at 04:30 pm
A pesar de no ser amigo del uso del delay() tal vez si lo unico que tener que hacer es prender y apagar una bomba podrías usar un delay(5000) una vez activado el relé. Total no hay ninguna otra función que atender durante ese período. Lo que no entiendo es el último if. Simplemente cuando prendés la bomba esperás 5 segundos, la apagás y reiniciás la variable time= millis() para que vuelva a esperar 3 horas
14V is too high to power an Arduino through its on-board regulator. You could use an external regulator, but it would also be in danger of overheating, so would need to have a heat-sink attached. Alternatively, use a DC-DC converter module to create 5V to power the Arduino. Use the 14V supply to drive the LEDs directly. You could group probably 6 leds in series, with a single series resistor for each group.
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