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Yes, exactly that's the Thing! Thanks xl97. You can raise now the volume to max, I can guarantee that no Pop will happen :)


Actually..  the real thanks goes to JakeSoft for informing about the edit.. and you for confirming it. :)

This should help others who just use the DFPlayer (standalone for any projects if using the default DFRobot library)

Also...   some notes on the fake DFPlayers:

* my initial thoughts that I needed to updated the firmware, as I thought I had gotten older boards was erroneous... these were just FAKES.. that didnt support all of the features of my current code.

How to tell:

* Blue led vs red led (so far blue leds have all been legit, reds have been fakes)
* True YX5200 chip... it the chip has the numbers/logo ground off.. its a fake (dont recall the fake chip # off hand.. but I can get it if needed)
* Silkscreen on the PCB.. legit ones has silkscreen around all components on board.. fake/clones do not have silkscreen.

The fakes 'work'.. but only in limited form.

If you use the latest DFRobot library... you will NOT be able to use any of the query commands.. not the endable/disbaleLoop() commands..

there may be more differences as well.. but these were the most prominent.

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