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Hello Sir i want to ask that which of the following shield is the best one for beginners and easily coded because it is my first time to use such type of shield for my project. I am using arduino uno and i red that yun shield supports many features  Linux, WiFi, Ethernet, USB, All-in-one Shield is that true then is yun shield best to use than arduino cc3000 wifi shield.
Please help me out in this and thanks in advance


I believe the Yun shield adds to an Uno most of the extra features of a Yun. That means that it will have an extra microprocessor  that runs Linux and other features associated with that. And I believe the Sparkfun Wifi shield only adds WiFi capability.

If all you needt is WiFi capability you might like to consider the very much cheaper ESP8266 modules. They can be used with an Arduino.

The ESP8266s actually have a very powerful microprocessor as standard and can be programmed to operate without any need for an Arduino. However, for a beginner, it will probably be much easier to use one of them as an add-on for an Arduino.

IMHO the Yun shield would only make sense if you have a specific need for the Linux capabilities.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


Thanks for the reply I posted because the yun shield is cheaper than the cc3000 wifi shield yet have many features

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