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Can anyone tell me if the Ethernet shield will work with the Due? Are there any
other Ethernet shields that will?



Sorry if this has already been answered but I couldn't find the topic.


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Yes, it does. I use that combination. There is a caveat. I normally set D4 as OUTPUT and HIGH to disable the SD card when starting the w5100. With the Due, set D4 as HIGH only (weak pullup) to disable the SD card.


I find the W5500 works very well indeed with the DUE, just use the Ethernet2 library.
The W5500 is a huge improvement from the old W5100 devices.
Simple to connect, just SPI and a few other signals and woks at 3.3 volts.

I don't use shields, just boards that I can wire to the main controller board.
Shields, I have a dislike for them from day one  >:(
You can find nice little W5500 boards on eBay for a few dollars, not much bigger than the Ethernet jack itself, just brilliant  :)

Search around on the DUE section of the forum for more information related to the DUE board.
Paul - VK7KPA
Paul - VK7KPA


Thanks for the response. Sounds like I will order one!


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