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I'm working a new board, which integrates the function of Arduino UNO and Bluetooth(BLE). So I called it FlyBlue.
The idea was inspired by a friend who teaches making Arduino robot.  He told that when a robot is under running, it's difficult to program a robot by a USB cable. How convenient it would be if the robot can be wirelessly programmed!

FlyBlue will be made like this:

1. Based on Atmega328.

2. Keep the USB programming interface.

3. Choosing CC2640 for BLE, transparent transmitting, and wireless programming.

4. Compatible wtith Arduino UNO outline and ports.

5. Compatible with latest Arduino IDE.

6. Using a bluetooth adapter(call it HostBlue) for PC.

7. Adding the adapter with digital LED for displaying paired bluetooth.

8. Default communication speed at 9600bps, and automatically switched to 115200bps for programming.

9. Default client mode for FlyBlue, and Master mode for HostBlue.

10.Compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac

I tested the basic function based on the CC2640 evb board

And here is the prototyping board

Waiting for the components back and the testing...

I will update the info here and  be gald to hear more ideas about this board.

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Here we got the sample board

Testing the Bluetooth signal strength (impedance matching circuit was not made yet)

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Hi Jack,

I am presently working on a project where I will need to connect the cc2640 to the Arduino. I just bought the launchpad for the cc2640 to start understanding it. I just saw that you did a board, but I can't see the images. Can you give me some lead on what to start doing first? I have no idea how it works so I have many hours learning in front of me. I'd love to see your board if you could repost the images.

Thank you

Corentin Boucher

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