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Hello Friends,
I've got a LED  RGB Strip Controller like this one:
Actually I've got two similiar, but on this one there's a clear information that it is a 433mhz remote.
So, I would like to know what are the "codes" for this remote.

I'm using Arduino Leonardo with RCSwitch library and it's Receive Demo Advance - it works/reads codes fine from my other remote that controles plugs - on/off type.
When I want to read that LED remote there's nothing happening, any ideas why?
The same is when using RemoteSwitch library.

Thanks for all your help.


I just got the same RF LED controller and found the exact same thing as you have. Essentially it doesn't work with RCSwitch at all.

I took the transmitter and receiver apart to see what frequency was being used because I didn't see anything showing up. To my surprise it's 433.92Mhz so in that respect the documentation is correct.

Next I connected just the 433MHZ receiver up to my scope though just to see what, if anything was showing up. Oddly enough, the signal resembles some of the ones I see from those RF weather stations. Since I've never jumped into trying to decode one of these streams, I've got zero idea on where to go next.


Did either of you make any progress on this?

I just embarked on the same project...would love to be able to decode the remote signals, so I can replicate them automatically.



I tried everything I could think of and eventually just gave up. if there's a code to that remote it's still well hidden...


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I think it's not a complete waveform on the screen of the oscillator.
You can refer to this:
and get the whole waveform and upload it. So maybe someone can decode the codes for you.


Unfortunately I don't have it any more. I gave it to a friend for an in store display. No idea if he still has it or not.

I did end up with some remote power sockets and with the RFSwitch library those worked perfectly. I'm still using the same three outlets today as a matter of fact.

After looking at the RGB Touch setup for a while, I sort of worked out that I'd be as far ahead to just make my own RGB controller with some MOSFET's, two RF modules and a couple of Arduino Pro Micro's or something like that.  :)

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