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              Many people may have heard about PLC, but do not know much about that.Indeed, this product is made for factory only, but the performance is well known by most people. Mitsubishi as the leading enterprises in industrial and electronics industry in Japan is one of the most famous enterprise which specialized in production and industrial products. The PLC produced by it enjoys great popularity in worldwide electronics.But this is very expensive, fo few people will take it apart. And a few days ago,a friend sent me a wasted PLC(FX1S-30M-001) and I have strong desire to research it. Following we will talk about its basic constitution and the basic function by the way.

The stability of PLC stays ahead of the industrial control industry now.So the its input and output is with isolation. Now the input of this one PLC (FX1S-30M-001) uses opto-isolator and the output uses the way of Darlington tube relay to isolate.It can avoid the input or output signal interferences the internal control circuit of PLC, so to improve the stability of the system.

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The following PLC(FX1S-30M-001) has three circuit boards:main control board, drive board,Power supply circuit board.

The main control board is multilayer board. It is a pity that the it has been burnt .Above the board, there is a 1F/5.5V electric capacity. The capacity is used to save the data when power off. And the main chip is tailored by Mitsubishi for FX series. It shows that some manufactures pay a lot when they develop products.

The perfect design on drive part
darlington drivers : TD62083AFNG
Relay: PA1AS-24V
Optocoupler: PS2805-4

The circuit board of power supply. You can search the circuit on the internet. If you are interested in it, you can research by yourself.

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