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I tried to connect wl160 with arduino.  Wl160 out is 0 or 15v (depending state).  So I use a 4n27 to connect on arduino mini pro.

For this moment I connect pin 1 (4n27) to output signal of WL160 pin 2 on gnd.  And 5 to arduino input (n°2) and to a 10k that connected to Vcc (arduino)

I use the button example.  But nothing work.

Any idea or draw?

Thanks a lot


As I don't know the WL160, can you post a link to its datasheet?
Can you post also the a schema?
And the code you are using as I have seen dozens of different buttons examples ....

in short , I need more info ;)
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I found the solution

The problem was that I forget resistor between pin 1 and wl160 output.

I take 4n27 on another PCB where these resistors are not present.  So maybe it s chance that this other PCB works ;-)


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