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I want to use the Arduino Uno with the Dragino Lora shield with the GPS sensor. This is from the pack:


When I use the Arduino Uno with only the LoRa shield everything works fine. I can upload sketches and the LoRa chip is working perfectly. But I can't upload a sketch to the other Arduino which has the LoRa shield with the GPS sensor. I get the error: "stk500 not in sync". I found the troubleshooting:


But the solution:
To solve this issue, user can press the RST button on LoRa/GPS Shield before the update and release the button after upload is done, this will put the GPS module inn reset state so won't conflict with the upload.
Doesn't work for me. Maybe I understand it wrongly but if I keep the reset button pressed while uploading a sketch it never finishes uploading.


Okay, i've solved the problem myself....
I was pressing the reset button on my Arduino board and not on the shield.

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