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I just got my ethernetshield and read alot about it. I wanted to type the mac adres into the sketch but the code isnt in hexa decimal, I get the error that some part of the code (i typed in the code from the sticker at the bottom of the board) is undeclared? Do i need to change the code on the sticker to hexadecimal, if so how do i do that?

The code on the sticker says this: 09-W2-EQ-12-43-A4. (changed the code but the buildup is the same dont know if the code is needed to be kept secret)

hope you guys could help me thanks in advance.


You can just make up any MAC address you like. You just need to be sure that it's not the same as the MAC of any other device on your network. Some devices do come with a MAC address on a sticker and each sticker has a different address but that's not required and you don't need to use the one on the sticker.


So i just need to make up a six digit hexadecimal number and thats it. going to try that, thanks.

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